Friday, February 4, 2011

I Used To, But Now Poems

Today we had another incredible guest teacher, writer Jeremy Smith. Jeremy is a local writer and author of, Growing a Garden City. Jeremy lead the children through a writing exercise that lets them compare how there life was to how it is now. Read some awesome examples below:

I used to hear the solid sound of silence, but now my life is filled with
the buzz of my world.
I used to rattle my raspberry-pink bear, but now I cherish him like
he is the only thing for me.
I used to screech a squawking tune, but now I fix my voice with the help of Nature.
I used to have little circles with fingers, but now I wear them proudly.
I used to sleep almost all day, but now I have to get up in the morning.


I used to have birthday cakes made out of avocado and bananas, but now I have cakes of bread, frosting, and other delicious things.
I used to see giant, juicy red apples on the gigantic (and I mean gigantic) apple tree, but now there is no apple tree to look at.
I used to fall off of the swing in our back yard and get a black eye, but now I do not fall off swings.

-Ellie J.

I used to be cooed over by relatives, but now I am not new, now I am not always being poked, pinched, and kissed.
I used to wear diapers with pictures of Elmo on them, but now I wear underpants.
I used to eat baby food and mushed up things which now I would never touch, but now I eat actual food.
I used to just wait in the middle of the floor for my mom to come and scoop me up in her arms (I could not walk, no going wherever you wanted, no exploring, just waiting and being carried), but now I can walk and run, no waiting and being carried is necessary.
I used to scribble on paper a gray blob, but now I am an artist.
I used to to to school only half a day, but now I go to school all day.
I used to sleep all my life, but now I am up and active.


I used to taste the delicious, delectable baby mush, but now I taste peas not mushed up.
I used to cry when I heard dogs barking, but now I smile when I hear dogs barking.
I used to wear cute, cheerful baby clothes, but now I wear older-looking clothes.
I used to see giants all around, but now I'm about as tall as a short grown-up.
I used to not read exciting adventure books, but now I can read exciting adventures books.
I used to snuggle with my pink blankie, but now I still snuggle with my pink blankie.


I used to freak out about doughnuts, but now I don't.
I used to wear a little Japanese dress, but now I can't.
I used to eat mushy, gushy food, but now I eat solids.
I used to live in a tall building with a balcony and I could see the glittering ocean, but now I see the snow that glitters.
I used to watch baby shows, but now I watch older kid shows that glitter in my dreams.


I used to be happy in the summer when I didn't go to school, but now I am sad in the summer because I don't see any butterflies.
Last year I sucked my thumb, but now I don't suck my thumb anymore.
When I was little, I believed that binkies were for everyone and that it was dumb that I didn't have one, but now I don't believe that.


I used to weigh more than my brother, but now he weighs more than me.
I used to eat baby food, but now I eat good food.
I used to be a foot tall, but now I am four feet tall.
I used to not be able to talk, but now I can talk in Spanish and English too.


I used to drink the smoothie milk from my mom that dripped down my throat like a raindrop, but now I drink it in a nice purple glass with cookies.
I used to be afraid of the tiny rainbow rollercoaster, but now I know I can go on very big, scary rollercoasters.


I used to wear diapers, but now I am potty-trained.
I used to eat yummy stuff, but now I eat yucky stuff (like a worm).
I used to let my sister dress me up like a princess, but now she's a jerk.


I used to be crawling along the floor on my elbows, knees, and shins all at the same time.
But now I can run, walk, sit, and ride a two-wheeled bike (which takes a lot of balance).
When I was little, I would sit on my little potty-training toilet you could pull around and watch my favorite show (then): Elmo's World.
But now I will close the door of a bathroom and... you know... and I will not watch television at the same time!


I used to be a toddler, going around smiling, reading wine books and well... generous.
But now, I am in third grade in a Spanish-immersion school with good friends and teachers.
P.S. I am also a Maya hunting mushroom!


I used to crawl into my crib, but now I walk up to the top bunk.
I used to box my friend, Brendan, with underwear on our heads, in my crib, but now we box on the green living room carpet.
I used to feed my brother, Liam, apple sauce in his high chair, but now he eats in a normal chair, like me.
I used to ride in a stroller to my friends' house (Abe and Zach), but now I ride my mountain bike.
I used to play with lots of stuffed animals, but now I play with colorful Legos and Nerf guns.
I used to play with my friends in the sandbox, but now I play soccer, basketball, baseball, golf, football, frisbee, four square, tennis, and lacrosse.


I used to taste apple sauce in my high chair, but now I eat pudding in the real chair.
I used to live across from my friend, but now I don't live next to her.
I used to have a pet named Elmer, but now I have a hamster named Claire.
I used to have a cat named Rue and I used to call her Ruru, but now I don't have a cat named Rue because she ran away.
I used to ride in the car with a small plain seat, but now I have a pretty blue booster seat.


I used to go to gymnastics with my friend Jack, but now he doesn't even go there.
I used to fall out of bed, but now I get up on my own.
I used to live in Philadelphia, but now I live in Montana.
I used to be in kindergarten, but now I'm in second grade.
I used to go to an English school, but now I go to the International School.
I used to sit in a booster and never play games, but now I sit in a normal seat and play video games like Sonic.


I used to fart a stinky smell and my family would think it was sooo cute, but now when I make a nasty stench, everyone will tease.
I used to scream and then be soothed, but now I am punished to clean my dirty room.
I used to see the disgusting floor, but now I see all the beautiful sights.
I used to feel all soggy and wet, but now I'm dry and strong.
I used to taste the gooey gush, but now I taste the cheesy pizza.


I used to drink a creamy liquid from a bottle (I called it baba), but now I drink fizzy wizzy soda.
I used to be carried all around, but now I glide with ease everywhere.
I used to eat squishy, bicky baby food, but now with a fork and spoon I eat sweet treats.
I used to draw colorful squiggles and think it's a table, but now it's easy to draw anything.
I used to read wimpy picture books, but now I read chapter to chapter in my own book.


I used to fall asleep really slowly and barely get any sleep, but now I fall asleep in five minutes sometimes.
I used to have a fish, but it died on January 30, 2011.
I used to think there was a monster under my bed, but now I know that there is no scary, creepy monster under my bed.
I used to ride a pink bike with a purple stripe, but now I ride an awesome purple bike with flowers.
I used to sleep in my dresser drawer with little blankets, but now I sleep in a white bed with a pink quilt, with stripes.
I used to always carry around a brown, orange, and blue blanket, but now I keep it in a little basket in our toy room.
I used to have pink glasses, but now I have cool purple flower glasses.


I used to be a little, little, little baby crawling around on the fuzzy warm carpet,
gliding as me and my sister go, we'd go fast or slow,
but now we scream, yell, hurt each other, and sometimes,
we snuggle up together and read.


I used to be looking at a little picture book on the fuzzy carpet in my old house,
but now I read big Harry Potter books on the soft couch.
I used to crawl all over the big and cool house, but now I can walk down to the park
if I want to.


I used to dread going to sleep, but now I feel more than relaxed while closing my eyes.
I used to see my three fish, but now I only see my one fish.
I used to watch airplanes soar over me, but now I know how to fly them.
I used to smell broccoli and immediately start shaking with dislike, but now I smell broccoli and start getting excited.
I used to admire my big sister, but now she annoys me with comments like, "DO YOUR HOMEWORK and be quiet!"


I used to smell disgusting, stinky diapers, but now I smell fresh smelling Febreeze.
I used to be scared of yapping, scary dogs but now dogs are my favorite animals with their beautiful fur.
I used to love beautiful, colorful dresses, but now I don't because they sometimes
show your underwear and now I like shorts compared to pants.
I used to lvoe posters because they were pretty and colorful with a wonderful red border and with sparkly paper, but now I don't like the sparkly poster because they are easy to rip and weird.


I used to crawl across the scratchy rug, but now I run away from my horrifying sister.
I used to run around the house, but now I sit around, reading my favorite book.
I used to scream at the top of my lungs at my
annoying, horrifying sister, but now
I just scream at her when she makes me mad (but a lot, I mean, a lot).
I used to eat anything, but now I am very picky.


I used to bug my brother,
but now I bug him even more by
singing jingle bells
over and over and over


I used to be afraid of a cat and my dog.
But now I am not.
I used to try to go to the bathroom by myself,
but I fell in the toilet every time I tried.
But now I can do it.
I used to like to take a bath,
but now I hate it.


I used to drink a creamy liquid from a bottle
(I called it Baba),
but now I drink fizzy wizzy soda.
I used to be carried all around
but now I glide with ease everywhere.
I used to eat squishy, blicky, baby food
but now with a fork and a spoon
I eat sweet treats.
I used to draw colorful squiggles
and think it's a table
but now it's easy to draw anything.
I used to read wimpy picture books,
but now I read chapter to chapter
in my book.


I used to play random notes on the piano
that sounded rather horrible,
but now my songs just aren't
I used to say, "Gaga Goo",
but now I sound just like you.
I used to watch the Barney show,
but now I read books
and let my poetry flow.


I used to crawl or pop
but now I walk in the house.
I used to watch Elmo on the TV but now I watch Zack and Cody.
I used to tickle my dad
but now my dad pounds me.
I used to eat slop, but now I eat chocolate.
I used to have a small, blue blankie, but now I have a big one.
I used to have baby clothes, but now I have grown-up clothes.


I used to be scared of slimy, scaly snakes
but now I'm afraid of my rippy sister.
I used to like the mushy olives that make your stomach lurch,
but now I like the sweet taste of the mouth-watering flavor of pepperoni pizza.
I used to want to jump off the brain blowing cliffs, but now
I think they are the most horrifying things you can ever step on.
My favorite place used to be giant, famous New York City,
now it's wicked-fun astonishing Legoland.



  1. Gillian,
    Funny stuff!!!!! Shhh don't tell your sister!HEE HEE!!
    Much love,

  2. Dear Joseph,
    Your poem "I used to be but now"
    is really great. We think the rhyming is amazing.
    Keep up the good work!

    Estrella and Marie